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Genuine. Animate. Navigate. Assist. Succeed.

Our Mission

GANAS responds to the needs persons with behavior excesses have regarding evidence-based interventions through actively engaging and fostering collaborative efforts that empower all stakeholders to find effective solutions through advocacy, training, and implementation of evidence-based interventions to reach a common understanding and improve the quality of life for those with and without a formally diagnosed special need or disability.

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Our Vision

GANAS' vision is to improve the quality of life of those in the special needs, disabilities, and behavior excesses community by empowering caregivers and professionals through training, workshops, and ultimately providing evidence-based interventions. We wish to become the bridge that is Genuine, will Animate everyone, will help Navigate new and confusing territory, will Assist in implementing these new and confusing strategies, and ultimately will watch everyone Succeed with confidence.

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Every Bit Counts!

Currently, our services are made possible by volunteer hours and community donations. You can make a difference!


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GANAS is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization operating in the Coachella Valley in Southern California. Our focus is to help increase the quality of life of those in need of evidence-based interventions. GANAS currently does this by providing workshops, 1:1 consults, and peer-support groups. For more information on the specific programs, see our programs page here.


What makes us different? This organization was founded by two mothers of children with special needs and behavior excesses. We at GANAS have the unique perspective of both the professional and the parent. In this view is how we can create a workshop curriculum that is both evidence-based and caregiver-friendly! See the details of how we got started here.

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